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for this team? Coach
« : febrero 26, 2019, 10:31:36 pm »
PINEHURST, N.C. - With pigtails and plenty of giggles, Lucy Li just wants to have fun like any 11-year-old girl. Except that shes playing the biggest event in womens golf. Li, a sixth-grader from the Bay Area who doesnt appear to be the least bit overwhelmed by the attention around her, became the youngest qualifier in U.S. Womens Open history when she shot 68 at Half Moon Bay last month to win her sectional by seven shots. She celebrated by having dinner at her favourite restaurant and watching "The Amazing Spiderman 2." Now its time for the amazing Lucy Li show. "She looks so darn cute," said Michelle Wie, who didnt make it to her first Womens Open until she was 13. "I was like, I dont think I looked that cute when I was 11. But she just looks so excited, so wide-eyed. ... And Im just really so excited for her to be out. Its a memory that will last her a lifetime. What other 11-year-old can say that they played in the U.S. Open at Pinehurst? And she got to see the men play, too." Life is moving at warp speed for little Lucy Li. She only became serious about golf four years ago when she set up shop in Miami to work with Jim McLean. Just two months ago, the precocious 11-year-old with a mouth full of braces won her age division in the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt Championship at Augusta National. And now shes at Pinehurst No. 2, ready to take on the course where Martin Kaymer won the U.S. Open on Sunday. "Its awesome, right?" she said. "I mean, Pinehurst and Augusta National in like two months. I mean, thats just amazing. Its mind-blowing for me. Its been awesome, because its been ... I mean, the food is great and its been a lot of fun. Ive made a lot of friends." Theres something about U.S. Womens Open in the North Carolina sandhills that attracts all the kids. Morgan Pressel qualified when she was 12 and had just turned 13 when the Womens Open was down the street at Pine Needles in 2001 (Li wasnt even born then). Lexi Thompson qualified and played at 12 when it returned to Pine Needles in 2007. Too young? Both went on to win major championships. "Look, if youre good enough, youre old enough or young enough, whichever way you look at it," Laura Davies said. "If you can play the golf and you can qualify, then have a go. Whats the worst that can happen? She shoots a million this week and everyone says, Wasnt it great she was here? So I dont think anything bad can come out of it because shes too young to worry about the pressure. "Shes just having fun. Shes got a week off school. Its perfect." Li looked as if she was having a blast on a broiling day of practice Tuesday. She went nine holes with a local caddie. Then, it was time for a press conference, which drew the largest crowd of the day. Her pigtails in braids, held by clips the shape of hearts, she twirled in her chair waiting for it to start. She giggled before just about every answer, including one about whether her father could beat her. She laughed. She laughed again. And then she moved closer to the microphone and said, "No." But the kid made one thing clear. Shes not out to prove anything. She not out to make history. "The perfect week? I just want to go out there and have fun and play the best I can, and I really dont care about the outcome," Li said. "I want to have fun and learn. I want to learn a lot from these great players." She is not the youngest player in Womens Open history. Beverly Klass was 10 when she played in 1967, before there was qualifying. The youngest player to make the cut was Marlene Hagge, who was 13 in the 1947 Open at Starmount Forest in North Carolina. Among the favourites this week is Lydia Ko, the youngest LPGA Tour winner in history at 15 in the Canadian Womens Open two years ago. Age is becoming irrelevant, though something about the number "11" grabs the attention. "I saw her on the range this morning for the first time and didnt really watch her hit any balls just how little she was, and the pigtails kind of caught me off guard," Stacy Lewis said. "But Im not a big fan of it. She qualified, so we cant say anything about that. You qualify for an Open, its a great thing. I just like to see kids be successful at every level before they come out here. "When I found out she qualified, I said, Well, where does she go from here? What do you next? I dont know. If it was my kid, I wouldnt let her play in the U.S. Open qualifier at 11. But thats just me." Li played in the U.S. Womens Amateur last year at 10. She was the youngest to qualify for match play at the U.S. Womens Amateur Public Links. The idea to try to qualify for the Womens Open was "mine." "Because I wanted to go out there and get the experience," she said. "Because its 36 holes and I didnt care if I qualified or not. I didnt think about it. I just wanted to go for the experience." Drew Butera Jersey .Y. - Alex Rodriguez paid $305,000 for evidence that could be used in the case involving the Biogenesis of America drug clinic, the Daily News reported Saturday. Kansas City Royals Jerseys . on the 15-day disabled Monday list because of a strained right hamstring. .  Teams one through twenty competing in Englands top flight are each fatally flawed.  A wide-open, highly competitive and mistake-filled season has followed. Cheslor Cuthbert Jersey . Cammalleri suffered a concussion in the Flames 2-1 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday. The 31-year-old forward did not travel with the team to Carolina. Trevor Cahill Jersey .C. - Blair Jones scored the eventual winner in the third period as the Abbotsford Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Oil Barons 3-2 in American Hockey League action on Friday.After a slow start to the season, the Winnipeg Jets have been able to pick up points on a very regular basis -- an eight game point streak (6-0-2) came to an end in Montreal on Tuesday. Coach Paul Maurice on a number of occasions has referenced the second period of the home game against Calgary on October 19. The Jets were up 1-0 after one period; the Flames scored three in the second, firing 18 shots on Ondrej Pavelec, and won the game 4-1. That loss dropped the Jets record to 1-4 and did not sit well with the team. Not the coaches, not players, not management. It brought a lot of questions from media and fans; questions about just where this team is and where it is headed. Perhaps the 1-4 start should not have been a surprise. We need to start the process to be a contender, Maurice said at the start of camp. Past results tell us we are not where we need to be. We are big and fast and its up to us coaches to get them all going in the right direction. Prior to this current five-game road trip, coach expanded on the tough start and what the expectations are going forward. I knew we had to go through it. The way the second period vs Calgary happened and how we reacted to it, all those things are good now vs January - that memory is built into your system. As long as youre routine is right. How we get ready for a game, how we expect to play, what it looks like when we play our game, its game time - time to get more wired, that is your identity. And accept that identity, this is who we are and we can win playing like this. Have an awareness of who you are. Be willing to do what fits into that identity. They can all do what we are asking them to do. Be good at what you are good at. We dont need more. Now back to the Calgary game. After that loss, coach talked about his team not handling adversity very well. He didnt like the response after a goal against - not the mood on the bench, nor the next on ice shift. We have to fight our way through being a quiet team. So was there a bit of a reset after that game? Seems that way. Some players will tell you yes, some will tell you no. Coach Maurice feels there was. Since then we have handled our adversity during the game. Not allowed some of the negative things that happen in game to take as an emotional toll, said Maurice. The result is fewer negative things happening in the game when you make a mistake. And when we make a mistake, our goaltenders are closing it down which cuts down on in game adversity - the emotional swings arent there. We have a more consistent emotional game. How you handle the mistake is bigger than the mistake. Assistant captain Wheeler has been very much a leader on this team. We believe in our system. Prior to a home game against Pittsburgh, Wheeler was asked if that system would work against the offensively gifted Penguins who at the time led the league in goals for and had the leagues number one power play. We believe what we do will work against any team and regardless of the how the game goes will not deter us from what we do. We want to make the game as boring as possible, said Wheeler. Well, he was wrong on the boring but right on the system. The Jets went five-for-five on the penalty kill, kept Evgeny Malkin off the score sheet for the first time this year, and also kept perhaps the NHLs best line of Crosby-Kunitz-Hornqvist off the score sheet as well. We are identifying what we are. Yes, its great to score but winning the game is more fun, said Wheeler. Were maturing. We battle and have a dedication to one another. We have a great feel in our locker room - sort of a feeling we havent had around here yet. Jim Slater, with over 500 NHL games played with this franchise, feels having a coach with plenty of experience has been a big help. Paul has come in here and really relayed the message on how we need to play. He makes it clear on what he needs out of you as a player. Assistant captain Mark Stuart does not point to the Calgary loss as a reset. Every day is a reset. Whether you are winning or losing, he said. You start to concentrate on your next opponent. You have to stay on an even keel as hard as it is to not get down. You have to be vocal, you have to have fun. A big part of winning is enjoying what you are doing. Something we continue to work on is being engaged every day, whether its a practice, or whether you are staying off the ice and are just in the weight room. That way when its game day you dont have to flip a switch. A question that has been asked many times is about the identity this team is creating. Stuart feels that may be an overused word. That word gets thrown around a lot. I dont think we are creating one, I think we have one. Its just a matter of fine tuning it and being consistent with it. Battle and compete are words coach Maurice uses when talking about his team; referring to the compete being the best part of their game. Stuart feels its everybody contributing that is critical. The Jets have been good in the tough areas of the game. Blocked shots, an excellent penalty kill, sticking up for one another even if it means the gloves coming off, which all leads to finding a way to win. In order to win consistently we are going to have to play like that. Its hard, its a challenge, but we are capable of it. Yes its hard, but its fun, concluded Stuart. Interesting thoughts from both Wheeler and Stuart, but where does captain Andrew Ladd sit on all of this? Was the Calgary game a reset? Not sure I see that game specifically, said Ladd. There was a build up towards learning how we had to play to be successful. The Colorado game for me was the one where we had that really strong third period when we needed it. You gain confidence from playing in those situations, doing well in those situations and weve kind of built off that. So what has changed for this team? On ice, I think we have been more patience holding the middle of the ice, thats been key to really forcing teams to outside and keeping the defensive game up and keeping scoring chances down, continued captain Ladd. The first few games we were running around almost trying to do too much. Had to figure out, less is more. So that was on the ice, but what about away from the actual xs and os of the game. And more to coaches comments about this being a quiet team and learning how to handle adversity. Weve worked on trying to have a more vocal bench, and at times when things go wrong keeping the positivity up on the bench, with talking and chatter and keeping everybody involved that way, added Ladd. When asked specifically about the second period of the Calgary game, we wont quote the capptain.dddddddddddd Lets just say he made it very clear that it wasnt good. But thats all part of learning what you need to do to be successful - what makes your team tick, added Ladd. Our group is different, we really dont have a lot of vocal guys and we have to force it sometimes to keep everybody talking but once you start doing it, it becomes contagious. Back to identity, we asked Ladd if it is an overused word. Depends on how you use it. For me there is a style of play we need to play to be successful so if you want to throw identity under that category then its something we need to pay attention to. Youve seen the growth in our group in terms of understanding what we are and how we need to play to win hockey games. Dont need to snap it around and make a perfect pass and play an exciting brand of hockey, it can be boring, hardnosed, and just grind it out, which has worked for us the past few weeks. We got a little more into this with coach Maurice, why he continues to reference the Calgary game and what has happened since. We had some things go against us in that second period and there was three goals against, but thats going to happen. My concern was the next shift out after those goals and where we were mentally as a group that got us to that. This team has always competed, even before I got here. This team will compete, they will work hard and they will drive and give you everything, but at times there wasnt enough, and I will use the word communication, amongst the players to have a plan to how they were going to handle that next shift. And I guess that goes to an awareness, be aware of the adversity, being aware on the bench when four or five minutes goes against you. That happens pretty much in every single game. We were so dominant in the first in that game against Calgary, scoring chances were 9-1, its NOT ending up 27-3, so when the push back came we didnt handle it well. And it doesnt get fixed in a day. That communication has to be worked on daily. Practice, morning skates and on the bench during games. And I think its starting to come. Rewind to a win in Chicago to finish the previous four game road trip with a win. This comment from coach Maurice: Our bench communication is much better the past two weeks. Our game prep has changed since the Calgary game - more vocal in the room. So yes, it seems this group is working at becoming what they all want to be but its not without challenges. There are some specific things and youll understand that I cant give you the exact details of what goes on in the room - that stays between players and coaches - but a big part of it is just the awareness that its happening. Coach Maurice feels some issues are issues todays game deals with. Twenty years ago the players were far more connected to each other. They needed each other more. Now, and its not a Winnipeg Jets issue, rooms are different, mandatory days off which is fine, but there is far less connection between the players. You see teams doing team building, and for me it was that concept BUT hockey specific - a closer knit group in terms of the game, and I think theyve embraced it. Coach offered these thoughts on identity. I think its a hard to define term, but a critical term. Not just in terms of everybody loving each other and feeling good, but when you bring a new player into your group, he should have an idea I played against this team, I know how they play. Identity is key to success. From my point of view, when you take the elite teams and pre scout them, you can watch one period of hockey and you know what all their systems are. Thats the identity of their team. Compete and all those other things, culture and identity, they are talking about that part of it, but the structure has to be there. You cant hold anybody accountable to anything if you dont have a structure in place. So where is this team on the identity chart? A long thoughtful pause from coach. Oh moving four to five on a ten chart, and that sounds like a low number, Im sure players would give it a higher number, but we still, and Im not talking about wins and losses, there is still a lot of quality of work we can improve on. Its not an effort issue with our guys, they work hard in practice, the came to camp in great shape, its habits, and those just take time. And Maurice feels it goes further than the current teams on ice ups and downs. Good teams get into an identity, they draft to it, they brought players in to it, and then you can afford to bring a guy who has a completely different style into that group and have him flourish, because you dont all have to be the same. That identity is organizational, its not just your hockey club. Its how you view your team and the style you want to play. More and more now when opposition players and coaches get asked about playing the Jets, the response is they are a hard team to play against. Is that the identity for this team? Coach says yes. It has to be. Because of the way we are built and what we can be good at, there is going to be a physical element that makes us hard to play against. He referenced Detroit when he was coach of Carolina and his team met the Red Wings in the Final in 2002. In their heyday they werent a big physical team. They didnt throw a hit in their own end, but we never had the puck. So theres their identity. They never gave you any ice. You couldnt skate the puck 15 feet to make a play. Were not there yet, but thats our idea, our concept, the tight gap game when we dont have the puck, we contest every puck and that were not giving up ice. So the work in progress continues. The road is pretty smooth right now, but to think there wont be bumps would be na?ve. In fact, there have been certain times in game since the Calgary game when a quick refresher course was needed. It may have even required the coach or a player or two to raise their voice. But thats all part of it. After the loss in Montreal, a vocal, quick-paced practice in Carolina and when practice was done, no one was in a hurry to leave the ice. There was plenty of banter, friendly competitions with plenty of debate on who won and who lost and who was playing outside of the rules that seem to change on a regular basis, players working on what they felt needed work, and just an overall good reset day. Not sure this type of practice would have happened a month ago. Yes the point streak is over, now its not letting that one game be a negative. Have confidence that you can handle the latest adversity - struggling to score. And have belief that if you keep getting the chances, the puck will start to go in the net. ' ' '


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