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To learn more would you link me the complete story
« : noviembre 13, 2019, 09:31:11 pm »
It is not that it is smaller, but lacking of stains. Characteristic point free reset won't make it bigger. Spell variants & revamp will not increase that Dofus Kamas the memory needed. Without adding a Mb some spots could be implemented. As for this"small" game on your pocket, consider downloading the entire map so u won't need to download every single time you visit a new map. Surprise, a GB appeared. So, the debate of"ought to be modest" can not be implemented here. It's not a game that is 3Mb in the end.

Looking for a friend to hang out with on Dofus 1.29 heritage server.Well, because the flaw, a great deal of folks lost the motivation to perform on servers with a quite disturbed economy. With the new server coming out soon, I believe the number of players around the servers that are old is gont move lower and lower every day. So if you're looking for a very active community your best bet is going to be the new one.I imagine a good deal of people are stopping the current Dofus 1.29 servers due to a duplication glitch which resulted in literality trillions of vulbis Dofuses, amongst a number of other things. The glitch had existed eternally but did it become common knowledge.

So they're creating a new server and many men and women are currently leaping over. I suggest doing the same in case Dofus 1.29 is something you can see yourself playing for several months ahead of time. It'll be better in the long run, even if it means losing your current progress. Also there is some slight improvements coming into the brand new Dofus 1.29 server, though I am unsure exactly what these are. And I'm not sure if the present servers will get the very same improvements. They probably will but not.

You'll be fine if you've got people to play. However, there is hardly any content made to be soloed. Like each dungeon is 8 mob by default, so you would like a set or you risk dying and needing to restart the whole thing and get a new key. And because the playerbase that is English is modest, that is an issue. Playing is definitely viable. During actual Dofus 1.29 I just ran 2 accounts since my potato computer could not handle more. And I still had a lot of pleasure playing. Finding groups was possible Although the playerbase was considerably bigger.

I didnt know about the duplication bug and tell me about it or I would love to learn more would you link me the complete story? A very small neighborhood (just 2 people as far as I'm aware but possibly more) knew how to duplicate items for a lengthy time. They didn't share this information and replicated in controlled amounts to not ruin the economy completely.For whatever reason among the guys backstabs others, reproduces trillions of vulbis Dofuses, makes a merchant selling them Dofus kamas each. I have seen it and it's real, although I don't have a link to the screenshot.

So the servers for a while shut down while figuring out what to do with Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro. They decided they'll continue to keep the existing 129 servers without rollback (they might have rollbacked a bit but I am aware if they did). Since this duplication was happening for years there is no purpose rollbacking several days.So they are creating a new server. There's no way to reverse any damage done to the market as that damage happened subtlety over years.