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His Movie With Motivation And Persistence
« : septiembre 02, 2020, 02:58:18 am »
What an Authentic fucking OSRS gold gamer


Watch at 0.25x speed for maximum enjoyment!I watch at 0.25x rate and hold down spacebar to cycle through play and pause . 5 hours of enjoyment!I stopped it and then pressed period once every 5 minutes to enjoy every stage fully.I stroke up and down every two minutes for maximum enjoyment.Keystroke up, and keystroke down faster and faster, harder and harder.Amature. Every time Swampy Boi says it took him to kill some witches, I pause the video for a week. I have not completed much of the video. Can he get the casket.Prayer flicking the pause button.

Runescapes clue scroll

Oh shit is he really gonna do it?Time to fear buy black legs because of my Swamp Man cosplay.This dude and his clue scrolls man.You know that clip of all of the people watching the massive TV, waiting for the text to rebound into the corner, and then their reaction? That was absolutely us in the end there.Hahaha you understand they n't really cheered for the DVD logo screen right? It had been in a bar watching the Euros. My favored edit is that the one where they are watching a porn intro, and the audience cheers when Johnny Sins walks right into frame.This man grinded 37 days straight for one goal. That deserves praise.

He wants to max rune with earth.Earth altar is not in Mory... I don't even think there's an altar in Mory at all, actually.that's true, at least in OSRS, even though there's the true blood clot in Meiyerditch that is available in RS3.So if this gets introduced within an update it's just a simple thing of genie lamping into 77 RCNot however, likely following the grandmaster pursuit after Sins if the Father.Blood change is in Mory beneath Darkmeyer really. There's no blood talisman in the sport to input it.

Only refreshed my Youtube and it states"uploaded 30 seconds ago". Oh Man, what good timing. What even is reality anymore.Well he can take breaks longer than two minutes if he only had one hint, but yeah, nevertheless absolutely insane.

I did that 1 time and it's very difficult. By the end, you are going on inertia. I was at RF year and saw him win the Golden Gnome, nevertheless hadn't watched at that buy RS gold point.