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No doubt one of the favorites at the championship, Brown has revealed on flow or in past events which he's an advanced-level Madden NFL player. And he's definitely entering this championship to win. The thing I have noticed from Primetime Jet is that he often mirrors his opponents. If they are Madden 21 coins quiet in a game, he will follow suit. Should they chirp, he is ready to shoot back. Should they use cheesy plays in Madden NFL, he will do the specific same thing. The Baltimore Ravens wideout has no trouble going to get an eye and attempting to throw off his opponents as a result. Hollywood is one of my picks to win.

Flash has the capability to be one of the most entertaining Madden NFL players in the tournament, with his off-the-wall tactics which will leave his opponents scratching their heads. Before, Gordon has made side bets with his enemies, whether it's 20 pushups or making monster noises into the camera. I can only hope this happens in this particular tournament, as well, since I would love to find a NFL athlete, UFC winner or big-time rapper do pushups while imitating a dolphin.

Regrettably, followers and engagements do not directly interpret Madden victory, however I can only imagine that somebody with Raja's community of people would get an expert at the ready to give him all the tools required to succeed. At least I hope so; because we are equally ESPN employees, I'm cheering for Raja (along with another ESPN agents in this tournament, including Nolan and Pat McAfee) to proceed far. I would like an closing. I'll celebrate while on comment and plan the parade. This will be 100% biased declaring.

For your brand! The only real person to wear shorts on WrestleMania and College GameDay, McAfee not only holds 78 jobs in press but also has a past with Madden. He really does not play Madden NFL really much; while growing up, his brother schooled him so badly that McAfee gave up rather than picked up the sticks again. He isn't much of a gamer. I'm seriously wondering if he even knows what the buttons do. But that demon of Madden failure lurks inside of himwaiting to be exorcised. This may be Pat's second to finally avenge that horrible loss of his youth -- on national tv! We will find out if Boomstick will jolt his way to a name.

On paper, Snoop is your favorite of this entire tournament. The D-O-Double-G was playing Madden since the very first match in the series came from the late 1980s; that's more than many competitors in this championship happen to be living. He plays at an advanced level -- customizing his playbooks, blending and matching, calling audibles, the entire thing. Snoop is the actual thing. He is playable in Madden NFL, he laced a course for buy Mut 21 coins Madden NFL and he even is a championship planner for his own Madden league. Snoop enjoys Madden, and it shows in his game. You love to see it. Give me a path to the closing for the OG.